International Exchange

The history of development of China made bioreactor (automatic fermentation tank) showed that only continuous learning, research and study can lead to progress & advancement. EASTBIO pays great attention to the learning of foreign advanced technology and information exchange.

EASTBIO is able to provide various biological reactors to keep up with the world advanced technology, to meet the needs of modern biotechnology, and to provide complete solutions for biological engineering from laboratory to industry.

  1. Mr. DING Chunhua discussed about the pilot scheme of enzyme preparation with Prof. Raja Noor Zaliha and Dr. Fauziah Md. Desa from UPM.
  2. Mr. DING Chunhua visited APPLIKON Company in the Netherlands.
  3. Mr. DING Chunhua made technical discussion on bioreactor technology with president of APPLIKON.
  4. Mr. DING Chunhua had technical exchange with American professionals.
  5. Mr. Piero, director of fermentation from European Pioneering Pharmaceutical Company, visited EASTBIO.
  6. Mr. Ding had technical exchange with Mr. Piel Myanmar Cove, academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences and general manager of the Biological Instrumentation Research Institute in Russia.
  7. Mr. ZHANG Jinyuan, general manager of EASTBIO, visited Indonesia for technical exchange.
  8. Mr. ZHANG Jinyuan studied Korean latest fermentation control technology in South Korea.