Manufacturing Capacity

With the development of modern biotechnology, requirements for biological equipment and/or system are getting higher and higher. EASTBIO dedicates itself to the standardization of biological equipment with reliability in the using of research. Fermenter (bioreactor) is generally the main testing and manufacturing equipment. Its performance and structure must meet the relevant technical requirements. Only equipment that complies with international standards could produce first-class biological products. Equipment systems that internationally certified symbolize "Quality".

EASTBIO has vast experience and strong capacity in large scale pressure vessel fabrication, especially stainless steel vessle and reactor. EASTBIO has accumulated lot of experience in equipment manufacturing and surface treatment (matt polishing, mechanical polishing, electric finishing and acid passivation).

EASTBIO pocessed lasrge area of manufacturing site and equipped with automatic manufacturing machines. At the same time, EASTBIO processed various domestically and internationally recognized pressure vessel manufacturing qualifications.

  • Manufacturing Plant
    (The main workshop is 108m long, 80m wide and 16m high, and is equipped with 10 cranes)
  • Automatic steel sheet cutting machine
    (The max. thickness is up to 100mm)
  • Large flat plate polishing machine
    (The max. length is up to 15 meters)
  • Tank welding & grinding machine
  • Automatic tank welding machine
  • Automatic seal head polishing machine (The max. diameter is up to 6 meters)

Cultivation of microbial, animal cells and plant cells, is purely a cultivating techniques that require equipment to be sterile. EASTBIO can meet the above requirements from conventional fermentation to GMP standard. We have invested into automatic steel sheet feeders, automatic tank polishing machines, automatic pipe polishing machines, large flat plate polishing machine (15-meters-long), matt sandblast device, electro-polishing machine, automatic tank welding machine, automatic pipe welding machine, non-destructive X-ray inspection and other special processing equipment to ensure highest product quality.