Social Responsibility

Amid of rapid development and growth, EASTBIO has never forgotten to contribute its society. It has fostered a strong sense of its social mission and responsibility. For many years, EASTBIO has made generous donations to charity, to victims in disaster areas, to the poor students, to establish scholarships in encouraging study, and at utmost of devoting itself to the society.

  • Carrying out charity plans with the Zhenjiang Charity Association, as "Realizing School Dreams" plan to financially aid poor students, "Sunshine" plan to help people who live below poverty to get medical treatment. "Warm Family" plan to help the poor people getting through the rainy days, and "Xin Rui" plan to help children who suffer from heart disease to get immediate medical care and so on.
  • Donation to Shandong University, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Jiangxi Agricultural University and many varsities in order to running their Biological Engineering Departments.
  • In "Wenchuan" earthquake, enthusiastic donations from the entire factory staffs who show their love to the victims of disaster areas.
  • Established "EASTBIO - HAIHUA" Scholarship in Jiangnan University to award outstanding researchers & students.
  • Established "EASTBIO - HAIHUA" Scholarship in Nanjing University of Technology to encourage creativity in reasearch.
  • Established "EASTBIO" Scholarship in Nanjing Agricultural University.
  • Co-operated with National Workers' Union to aid the poor students in high schools.
  • Endowed various fermentation professional academic activities.
  • Donated to "Hope Project" to help poor kids coming back to schools.
Scholarship awards site in Nanjing Univesity of Technology
Scholarship awards site in Jiangnan University