Bio-process Automation

EBIO™ biochemical process automatic control system

EBIO™ biochemical process automatic control system is a new type of control system that base on industrial scale PLC which was developed by our in-house and external experts for a duration of 3 years. As it incorporates industrial features, it can control each parameter in the fermentation process that meeting physiological need for the best cell growth. It controls up to 12 fermenters at a time with single controller.

The system can perform set-point control, sequence control and program control. And it can also perform various kinds of comprehensive data analysis, auto-reports generation and results analysis. The interface is visually, and the touch screen can display process flow chart, working conditions for each parameter. The system can realize automatic Sterilization-in-Place (SIP) too.

The system can be extended for the entire plant automatic control including media preparation, fermentation, extraction, purification and warehouse management.

The parameters that can be measured and controlled include temperature, agitation speed, foam, pH, DO, pressure, air flow rate and multiple routes feedings, and we can also test 12 optional parameters such as oxidation-reduction potential, glucose, lactic acid and special amino acid according to the requirements of customers. Customers can select the optional parameters based on their respective experimental requirement.

Automatic industrial control system of biochemical process

EASTBIO applied world-wide common used DCS to develop a biological fermentation process automation and biological fermentation factory automation system, which is able to control and analysis as many as 13 parameters.

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