Air Process System

Air treatment is one of key components of the fermentation system. EASTBIO designs the air treatment system in accordance to the characteristic of various regions in the country.

The air treatment system shall meet the following four geographical features:

  • There is high temperature and high humidity in the southern area where there are many organisms in the atmosphere.
  • There is alternation of high temperature and low temperature in the middle area. Thus, the high temperature and low temperature alternate moderately.
  • There is relatively low temperature in the northern area. The air temperature is averagely at middle & lower level.
  • The relative humidity is lower in the northwest area. The air temperature is at middle & lower level and the area is more sandy.
  • Sterile Air Filter Ahead of FermenterSterile air filter
  • Main Air Process SystemGeneral air process system

It can achieve the following effects after specific treatment:

  • It can effectively and reliably remove air borne organisms by highly effective filtration system.
  • The filter cartridge is membrane pleated type, thus, it has a large filtration area.
  • There is high flow rate, low resistance force and small pressure drop.
  • It can be steam sterilized repeatedly.
  • The filter medium (PTFE) possess excellence physical and chemical compatibility, stability and hydrophobicity.
  • It has a good space-saving & ergonomic design, thus, installation and replacement can be easily done.