Sewage Treatment System

Sewage treatment system generally includes several treatment series. The treatment series is a sequence of one or several combined methods that used to reach a specific treatment target. The treatment target may have various classifications. It is usually to determine the treatment target of sewage with particle size or property of the removal target. The sewage treatment series can be divided into four types according to the classification of treatment target including the treatment of sludge:

  1. Granular material removing series. The removal methods include screening, gravity separation and etc.
  2. Suspension and colloid removing series. The removal methods include concentration, clarification and coagulating sedimentation, etc.
  3. Dissolved substance removing series. There are many treatment methods, which includes various chemical precipitation, adsorption, ion exchange, membrane separation and extraction, etc.
  4. Sludge treatment series. The removal methods include concentration, dewatering (filtration), drying and so on.
  • Sewage treatment system
  • Sewage treatment system

The main business model and service items are as below:

  • EPC (Engineering Procurement Construction)
  • Design and technical consultation of sewage treatment system
  • Operation management of sewage treatment plant
  • Biogas utilization system
  • Reclaimed water reuse system
  • Solid waste and sewage sludge treatment system