Research of Advanced Manufacturing Technology

Manufacture Technology of Large-scale Fermentation Equipment and Process Scaling Up

The trend of fermentation equipment will be large scale and individuation in the future. It requires special design for different products and technical requirements (i.e. high strength, high density or high viscosity fermentation). The processing of fermentation equipment should be standardized, normalized and under the general quality control.

The equipment should always meet the demand of process. The high strength fermentation equipment with good adaptability is to: (1) depend on deep understanding of fermentation mechanism and application of this understanding in the design and manufacture of fermentation equipment; (2) depend on continuous technology progress in design and manufacture.

EASTBIO is engaging in the research to develop technology for precise manufacturing of fermentation equipment. We have been constructing an extensive database containing corresponding specifications of fermentation equipment for various microbial fermentation process based on massive experiments. It ensures the fermentation equipment to fully meet the physiological and metabolism demands of different microorganism.

  • Large-scale Heat Exchange Unit
  • Infrared carbon sulfur analyzer & XRF hand-held alloy chemistry analyzer
  • Vessel automatic welding machine
  • Seal head automatic polishing machine

During the past 20 years' production practice, EASTBIO developed many special machines and technologies for manufacturing high-quality microbial fermentation equipment. For example:

  1. Automatic constant pressure polishing technology and facility for surface treatment of large-scale fermentation equipment.
  2. High-precision stainless steel matt polishing technology.
  3. Testing technology of materials and welds of heat exchanger (coils and spiral tube type of heat exchanger).
  4. The balancing technology of agitation system in large fermenter.
  5. The welding technology of stainless steel sheet.
  6. Automatic polishing technology of curved surface and machine.
  7. Rapid prototyping technology of large pressure vessel (Dia. 4.5-8m) on-site manufacturing.
  8. Butt-welding technology and facilities of pipeline without welding material.
  • Details of polishing effect
  • Endoscope check after pipe weilding
  • Polishing effect of vessel and piping
  • PIV laser velocimeter system