High Efficient & Energy-saving Agitation System

Mass Transfer and Mixing Technology in Bioprocess

Comparison of the mixing effect of the different radial-flow agitators

Effective mixing and mass transfer technology is crucial for large-scale aerobic fermentation. It is an important factor that directly affects respiratory metabolism of microorganisms and energy-saving benefit of fermentation process. On the basis of traditional scaling-up experience, EASTBIO explores options to apply computational technology of fluid dynamics in the design of large-scale aerobic fermentation process. The agitation system and the structure of fermenter can be optimized by mimicking with computer the fluid-flow field, shear-stress field, gas-holdup distribution, energy dissipation, distribution of volumetric mass transfer coefficient and biological reaction changing process in the fermenter. Then the principle and method for rational scaling-up in fermentation process could be established.

  • JE: Energy-saving axial flow agitation system
  • JA: Mixing system for mass feeding process of high-density culture
  • JS: Agitation system for filamentous microorganism culture and fermentation with solid material
  • JT: Agitation system with high dissolved oxygen

Research highlights:

  1. The gas-liquid dispersion impeller for high-density fermentation process - Chinese patent: ZL200820237972.2
  2. The bioreactor for high-viscosity fluid of xanthan gum - the third prize of progress in science and technology awarded by China Light Industry Association.
  3. The production technology of food grade microbial polysaccharide - the third prize of progress in science and technology awarded by Chinese Institute of Food Science and Technology.