Research of Factory Energy Saving & Process Optimization

Comprehensive Energy Saving & Consumption Reducing Technology in Fermentation Plant

Comprehensive Multi-step Utilization of Steam
Multi-step Recycle of Water

For a large-scale factory, the energy consumption for example water, steam, electricity, etc. always account for around 40% of total production cost. Energy saving and emission reduction in the fermentation process is an important research topic of EASTBIO. In china, EASTBIO pioneers in developing technology of design and manufacture for high energy-efficient equipment in fermentation system. It can reduce the power and water consumption greatly to design and apply new type of recycling system of steam and thermal energy and comprehensive utilization system of circulating water. For example, unit consumption of steam will decrease 32% and water will decrease 25% if this system is applied to a large-scale amino acid fermentation plant.

Research highlights:

  1. Research on the key technology of high-concentration mash fermentation and application of energy saving and emission reduction in the production of alcohol. First prize awarded by Chinese Institute of Food Science and Technology.
  2. Research and industrialization of the key technology of producing fuel ethanol by high concentration mash fermentation. - Second prize of progress in science and technology awarded by China National Light Industry Council.