General Situation of Research Center

EASTBIO established Jiangsu Multifunctional Fermentation Equipment Engineering Research Center - a professional research and service organization, under the supports of Jiangsu Science and Technology Department, the People's Government of Zhenjiang City and Zhenjiang Science and Technology Bureau, which covers the entire process of biotechnological industrialization including strain optimization, fermentation, extraction, filling and packing, etc.

  • Outdoor scene of Engineering Research Center
  • Clean corridor of Engineering Research Center
  • Shimadzu Atomic Absorption Spectrometer
  • Shimadzu Gas Chromatograph
  • Agitation Flow State Simulation System
  • Laboratory

Jiangsu Multifunctional Fermentation Equipment Engineering Research Center has invested RMB 40 million Yuan in building a pilot base, which has a 7000 square meters' construction area and comprises of following facilities:

Strain Cultivation Area: designed according to the U.S. FDA standard, there are 4 sterile rooms, 3 culturing rooms, 1 inspection room, and 3 strain preservation rooms;

QC Area: designed according to the U.S. FDA standard, there are 3 sterile laboratories (checking total bacteria counts, disease bacteria, fungi and yeast) and 1 endotoxin room - equipped with imported advanced physical and chemical analysis equipment such as ultra violet analyzer, high-performance liquid chromatography, gas chromatographic analyzer, infrared spectrometer, atomic absorption spectrometer and so on.

Complete Fermentation Laboratory: with 4 sets of 5L automatic fermenters, 3 sets of 20L-30L two levels automatic fermenters, 1 set of 50L-500L fully automatic pilot fermenters.

Automatic Fermentation Pilot Plant: equipped with 2 sets of 500L seed fermenter, 2 sets of 3000L fermenters, 2 sets of 5000L fermenters, 2 sets of 20KL fermenters and supporting medium preparation and feeding tanks.

Downstream Extraction Equipment: complete sets of equipment for high-speed centrifugal separation, filter press, solvents, hydrolysis, precipitation and drying, etc.

Ancillary Utility System:ecovery, RO water, wastewater treatment, nitrogen extraction, compressed air and steam etc.

Process Automation Laboratory: R&D of bioprocess automation, which involves 13 process parameters, including CER, OUR and so on.