Research of Process Automation

Inteligent Automation Technology in Bioprocess

As a life body, microorganism shows, in the process of growth and metabolism, dynamic and complicated characteristics, i.e. polymorphic phase, multi-scale, spatial and temporal transient. These characteristics make it very difficult for offline or simple PID control system to adapt to the real-time changes of physiological state of the microorganisms in fermentation process. Artificial intelligence-based automatic control system is a fuzzy-logic control mode. It has played an increasingly important role in the theory and practice of modern fermentation.

EASTBIO constructed adaptive-control modules and a fault-diagnosis expert system to develop a fully automatic control system and software kits, by adopting method of online detection of process parameters, analysis technology of secondary parameters and artificial intelligent control theory, and integrating process monitoring of physiological status and online-analysis technology of metabolic flux.

Now, the control system of EASTBIO is able to detect and control more than 13 parameters.

Research highlights:

  1. The intelligent-automatic feeding method of fermentation process - Chinese patent number: ZL200710190513.3
  2. A fault-diagnosis method of the two-stage expression of recombinant Pichia pastoris based on artificial neural network - Chinese patent number: ZL200910027525.3
  3. Monitoring and control system based on OPC Technology - Chinese patent application number: 201310086328.5
  4. The analysis fermentation process: control and detection technology - The secondary prize of progress in science and technology awarded by China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation.