Process Scale-up and Optimization

Since equipment serves process, and should be always meet the demand of process. For each customer, the selection of fermentation equipment should be in accordance with individual specific needs.

EASTBIO has built up a China leading fermentation testing base to meet the customers' different requirements. In our base, the customer can achieve the following tasks:

  • Fermentation strains screening, cultivation, purification and rejuvenation;
  • Fermentation process optimization and scale-up;
  • Fermentation equipment selection test;
  • Testing throughout the whole fermentation and extraction process;
  • With regards to process test: agitator type, mixing power, actual fermentation heat, cooling form and coolants, foaming and response, feeding methods;
  • Training for strain operators, fermenter operators, process and equipment management as well as quality inspection personnel;
  • Strains to trial cultivation service is also provided.
  • Microbiology Laboratory
  • Shimadzu Gas Chromatograph
  • Lab-scale Fermenters
  • Pilot Fermenters