Animal Cell Culture


  • Description

    CAJS Series animal cell culture bioreactor

  • Feature

    Advanced performance and compact structure

  • Applications

    Suspension cell culture and micro carrier adherent cell culture

  • Applicable objects

    Widely applicable to colleges, research institutes, and enterprises


Item Descriptions
Total Volume 5L, 10L, 50L, 100L ...
Loading Coefficient 70-80%
Vessel SS316L material (glass material can be selected for 5L and 10L);
Jacket temperature control, high heat exchange efficiency, with external insulation layer;
Internal surface electrolytic polishing, Ra≤0.4μm; External surface polishing or matte (glass blasted);
PH electrode, DO electrode, and temperature electrode interfaces are complete
Agitator Top in mechanical mixing system / bottom magnetic special mixing system
Specially designed stirring blades suitable for mammalian cell culture
Structure Floor standing frame structure, compact structure, beautiful appearance, and convenient operation
Areation Four way gas mixed infiltration system;
MFC automatically controls gas flow;
Equipped with high-efficiency sterile filter, with filtration accuracy 0.01μm
Control System Application of industrial grade Ebio control system, using Siemens PLC controller, 32-bit true color touch screen operation interface, fully functional and stable operation
SIP Program controlled fully automatic sterilization system (AUTO-SIP)
CIP Equipped with high-quality rotating spray balls, with hygienic interface can be connected to CIP stations externally
Options 1.Multiple feed;
2.Feed weighing;
3.Vessel weighing / Liquid level sensor
4.Online detection of various parameters such as turbidity and live cells;
5.Online detection of exhaust gas: O2 and CO2 content
Characteristic Adopting imported sanitary grade sterile diaphragm valves, and adopting full position automatic welding process for pipelines;
Flexible configuration, powerful functionality, simple operation, and easy upgrade and expansion

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