Plant Cell Culture


  • Description

    CPJS Series plant cell culture bioreactor

  • Feature

    Advanced performance and compact structure

  • Applications

    Cell Culture and/or Metabolite Production of Taxus, Changchun Flower, Tobacco, Ginseng and Other Plants

  • Applicable objects

    Widely applicable to colleges, research institutes, and enterprises


Item Descriptions
Total Volume 5L, 7L, 10L ... 300L, 500L, 1000L
Loading Coefficient 65-80%
Vessel SS316L material (glass material can be selected for 5L and 10L);
Jacket temperature control, high heat exchange efficiency, with external insulation layer;
Internal surface electrolytic polishing, Ra≤0.4μm; External surface polishing or matte (glass blasted);
PH electrode, DO electrode, and temperature electrode interfaces are complete
Agitator Top in mechanical mixing system;
Sterile machine sealing system (double end face machine sealing can be selected for 50L and above);
P-mix special stirring blades;
Adjustable speed, digital setting speed control
Structure Floor standing frame structure, compact structure, beautiful appearance, and convenient operation
Areation Four way gas mixed infiltration system;
MFC automatically controls gas flow;
Equipped with high-efficiency sterile filter, with filtration accuracy 0.01μm
Control System Application of industrial grade Ebio control system, using Siemens PLC controller, 32-bit true color touch screen operation interface, fully functional and stable operation
SIP Program controlled fully automatic sterilization system (AUTO-SIP)
CIP Equipped with high-quality rotating spray balls, with hygienic interface can be connected to CIP stations externally
Options 1.Multiple feed;
2.Feed weighing;
3.Vessel weighing / Liquid level sensor
4.Online detection of various parameters such as turbidity and live cells;
5.Online detection of exhaust gas: O2 and CO2 content
Characteristic Adopting imported sanitary grade sterile diaphragm valves, and adopting full position automatic welding process for pipelines;
Flexible configuration, powerful functionality, simple operation, and easy upgrade and expansion

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