Vaccine Fermenter


  • Description

    GUJV Series of Vaccine Fermenter

  • Feature

    Specially designed in combination with technology, can provide turnkey engineering. Assist in conducting various qualification verifications such as GMP

  • Applications

    Research and industrial scale vaccine cultivation and production (human vaccines, livestock vaccines)

  • Applicable objects

    R&D and production departments of biopharmaceutical and vaccine production enterprises


Item Descriptions
Total Volume 5L-10,000L (including seed fermenters and various auxiliary tanks)
Loading Coefficient 70-80%
Vessel Stainless steel SS316L/SS304 material;
Multiple cooling forms such as jacket and external coil are available, with high heat exchange efficiency;
Internal surface polishing, Ra≤0.4μm; Polishing of the outer surface, Ra≤0.8μm;
PH electrode, DO electrode, and temperature electrode interfaces are complete;
The top is equipped with lighting glass, vieing glass, manhole, inoculation port, and spare interfaces for replenishment
Special requirements can be consulted for customization
Agitator Top mechanical stirring, large tank with self balancing device;
Sterile double machenical seal;
Combination impeller, excellent mixed mass transfer effect, high dissolved oxygen level, efficient and energy-saving;
Variable frequency speed regulation, digital set speed control
Structure The main fermenter adopts a floor standing structure, equipped with a steel structure platform or combined with civil engineering;
The layout of pipeline valves is reasonable, beautiful, and easy to operate and maintain
Areation Deep ventilation, equipped with stainless steel ring sparger;
Glass rotor flowmeter display, pressure gauge display, manual valve adjustment of flow rate;
Equipped with high-efficiency sterile filter, with filtration accuracy 0.2μm;
External compressed air is required, equipped with high-quality water removal and pressure stabilization devices, to ensure continuous and stable gas supply;
Optional mass flow controller or automatic air flow control with remote transmission vortex flowmeter and inlet regulating valve
Pressure The top exhaust port is equipped with a pointer type pressure gauge to display vessel pressure, and stainless steel valves are manually adjusted;
Optional pressure transmitter and automatic regulating valve to achieve automatic control of vessel pressure
Temperature Online detection, digital setting, automatic/manual control;
Pt-100 temperature probe and digital temperature instrument
Automatic temperature control of electric or steam heated hot water tank and external cooling water
pH Control Online detection, automatic flow of alkali or acid solution for adjustment, can be configured with acid tank and alkali tank;
Mettler-Toledo or Hamilton pH electrode, capable of high-temperature steam sterilization.
DO Online detection, with a range of 0-150%;
Mettler-Toledo or Hamilton DO electrode, capable of high-temperature steam sterilization;
Cascade control with speed, air flow or feeding is optional.
Feed Can achieve multiple parameter feedback control flow feeding and replenishment, and can be configured with sterile replenishment tanks
Foam Control Conductive foam electrode, foam abnormal condition automatic alarm;
Through foam signal feedback, the flow of defoamer can be controlled automatically/manually
Control System Application of industrial grade Ebio control system, using Siemens PLC controller, 32-bit true color touch screen operation interface, fully functional and stable operation
Real time monitoring of the operation of various equipment in the fermentation workshop in the central control room;
Self owned copyright data collection and control software
SIP In place sterilization, manual control, requires external saturated steam connection;
Optional fully automatic sterilization system (AUTO-SIP) and automatic in place cleaning system (AUTO-CIP)
Options 1. Multiple feed;
2. Feed weighing;
3. Oxygen enriched bypass;
4. Online detection of various parameters such as turbidity and live cells;
5. Online detection of exhaust gas: O2 and CO2 content;
6. Top-plate automatic lifting device;
7. Online detection of methanol (ethanol) content;
8. Online detection of glucose and specific amino acids;
9. Differential pressure inoculation component;
10. Online liquid level detection
Characteristic The sterilizing operation is safe and reliable. It uses special double mechanical seal and imported sanitary diaphragm valves. Whole position automatic welding process is applied to pipeline connection. The complete plant including sampling process uses imported visual rapid inspection and treatment system, so there is no steam leakage in the plant during sterilization, sampling and fermentation process. Special technology is adopted to maintain the fermenter for solving the problem of bacteria difficult to culture. Multiple working volumes can be chosen to group flexibly as required.

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